Reaching the Unreached
UK Tel : 01725 514804
Registered Charity No: 1091295
Infant Schools & Day-Care Centres
8 infant or 'balwadi' schools catering for about 200 village infants. We also have more than 1000 children in our care, starting with babies and toddlers who come to our day-care centres.
These are sickly children or children of mothers who must go to work. They are given food three times a day, are bathed, given medical care and a lot of stimulation. Only the poorest children are admitted.
Primary/Middle Schools & Nursery Schools
3 Primary/Middle Schools, each catering for between 200 and 300 pupils. For under 5's, we run nursery schools or kindergartens. These are well equipped and staffed. Again we care only for the poorest children in many villages.
Higher Secondary School
1 Higher Secondary School for over 580 pupils to age 16 (18 for girls).  Children of all categories are at the heart of all our work and special care is given to them. The numbers in our classrooms are kept small by running several streams. Older children are supported through Higher Education, College or University.
Other Educational Work
We have an Open School for the benefit of slow learners and children who have dropped out of mainstream education.  We supervise Study Centres in several remote villages: Children in houses without electricity have somewhere for evening study, and trained local workers provide support.
Mobile Science Labs
3 vehicles have been equipped with instruments and materials for scientific experiments and demonstrations.  These tour 94 schools throughout the area, supporting the schools own teachers in the national curriculum.  10,000 children are benefiting.
100 well trained teachers and support staff. Each teacher can arrange the class as is preferred. The older children have desks, but for small children working at floor level is more natural in Indian villages. Activity methods are encouraged.
1700 school meals - supplied daily. Catering for school children and some older folk. Cooking is done by using steam. A carefully balanced diet is planned.
Further Education Programme
There are 3 tailoring units, one based on-site and 2 moving from village to village. Each 4-month course trains up to 30 students in sewing and related skills that are still in demand and provide good job opportunities especially for women,
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