Reaching the Unreached
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Registered Charity No: 1091295
Employment Programme
Employment -
A great need in the area is for employment. In the past RTU has operated a unit providing batik-work for handicapped adults. Also a handloom cotton weaving and finishing unit provided employment to more than 100, mostly women.  This work has been transferred to another NGO, that still operates on the RTU campus.
In our Industrial Unit roofing tiles are produced for our large housing programme, plus cement blocks as well as a wide range of ferro-cement articles including doors, and door & window frames. We employ many masons and carpenters.
Training -
Our main focus is now on education (see here) which is designed to equip our children and young people for employment, either locally or elsewhere in Tamil Nadu. We also provide sewing and tailoring classes for local villagers, including via a mobile unit which spends 4 months at a time in each village.
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