Reaching the Unreached
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The Old & Infirm
350 old and infirm people, including cured leprosy patients - and those without any family to care for them - are given a weekly 'pension' by RTU. State provision for the elderly is beginning to be made available in India, and there are obligations on children to care for their parents. RTU focuses on those who have no or minimal provision, who may not survive without its support. 

Many are chronically ill with TB, or are cured leprosy patients who still often face the problem of rejection and isolation in their communities.

Several dozen of these people, who live close to the RTU campus, also receive a daily meal from the kitchens which provide food for over 1500 school children. 

Every year (before the Divali festival) a set of clothes are provided to them all.

It costs just 8 per month to provide this care to one elderly person.


"I am 65 year old Seeni Mohammed from Vinoba Nagar village. I lost my wife 15 years ago.  I became weak and sick after her death. I was struggling hard for my day-to-day survival. My only son abandoned me in my old age. Having no means of support I was living a miserable life in abject poverty. On hearing about my misery RTU came forward to assist me. It offered me daily food from its master kitchen and a weekly monetary assistance. I am now living in a house constructed by RTU long ago. Thanks to RTU I am living a contented life." (2007)

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