Reaching the Unreached
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Water Programme
Up to 70 new fresh water wells are sunk annually. Each well can serve as many as 200 people. Each well costs from £550 to dowse, drill, and tap. In 2010, 68 bore wells were provided.
The success rate - finding water where expected - is 92%.
For domestic purposes water is often in very short supply and can involve going long distances or engaging in noisy and even violent struggles to obtain just enough water for a short time every 4 or 5 days.  This part of Tamil Nadu is prone to drought, and although the last few years have seen generally good rains, the 5 years up to 2004 saw very serious water shortages, with even coconut trees starting to die. In the worst cases, RTU arranged for tankers of water to be delivered to villages desperate for clean water.
Our Success, thanks to you

Over 2,200 wells have been sunk to date serving over 400,000 people. RTU Water Department has provided 1,000's of villages with safe water and many schools with a constant supply.

Local villagers are trained to maintain the simple hand pumps that are usually installed, although for schools an electric pump is more appropriate.

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