We are now looking at India's third wave due to rising cases of the Omicron variant.  Since November 2021, RTU's services were all up and running again as we welcomed children of all ages back to our Children's Villages and schools.  However, cases are rising again in Tamil Nadu and our state Government has imposed new lockdown measures that mean that schools are once again closed to all but the three oldest year groups who have important exams in the next few weeks. 

We are yet to know the impact on families reliant on daily wage labouring work to feed their children and which were so badly affected during the first lockdown in 2020 and second wave in 2021 as they were unable to work. We helped those who were affected by the lockdown with emergency food.  To date, we have distributed over 6,500 emergency food rations, each one enough to feed a family for a month.  

The effects of the virus in India has been devastating and the state of Tamil Nadu where RTU is based has the fourth highest number of cases in the whole of India.  

The situation is changing daily, but we are committed to do whatever it takes to help those who need us, regardless of cost.

Father Antony Paulsamy, the Director of RTU, says: 

"We are ready to give support to the most vulnerable people in this difficult situation, to overcome this crisis."

On Government orders we had to close our clinic and schools, and send many of the children in our Children's Villages home to their relatives in their native villages in March 2020. Although the schools were allowed to open for the top four year groups for a few weeks in January 2021, they were soon closed again and did not reopen for all age groups until November 2021.  The children in our care were once again back in their native villages. For all the children we kept in touch with them on a regular basis to check on their welfare and we also monitoried those with long-term health conditions such as HIV, continuing to provide their medication and additional support when it is required, as well as money and food. Our mobile health clinic is continuing to go out to attend to the medical needs of the people in our area.

Meanwhile, our community outreach team and self-help group leaders worked together to provide practical support to those in the greatest need and to help keep communities safe. These are just some of our emergency responses, implemented at speed wherever the need has arisen. 

  • Providing washable face masks to staff and local people in rural villages
  • Distributing grocery parcels to families struggling with their daily meals, containing rice, pulses, cooking oil, spices and other basic ingredients
  • Giving regular meals prepared in our kitchen to elderly people and others nearby, as well as to vital health workers and support staff
  • Providing shelter and food for any who need it, such as migrant workers stranded by the lockdown and others who find themselves homeless or destitute at this uncertain time
  • Buying spraying equipment and disinfectant for the Panchayat so that public areas can be cleaned, lowering the risk of infection
  • Providing vitamins and medicines to treat people with coronavirus in rural villages

We are committed to continuing with these activities for as long as they are needed. However, the situation is changing daily and the weeks and months ahead will bring new and unexpected demands on our resources.

We urgently need your help so that we can continue to support the most vulnerable during this unprecedented crisis. 

£60 could ensure 4 hungry families receive emergency food ration packs containing rice, cooking oil and other basic ingredients

£75 could provide 75 fresh, nutritious meals, distributed directly from our kitchen

£125 could help us produce vital education materials, enabling school lessons to continue during lockdown

Thank you so much, at this difficult time for us all, for your kindness, compassion and generosity.