Working out of our Pushparani Clinic, our mobile clinic team take free medical care and vital medication to a wide area around RTU, including many remote villages where the population is often desperately poor.

The mobile clinic's work has proved especially valuable during the upheaval experienced by our local communities in the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. 

Our ambulance contains all the equipment and basic medication required to treat minor ailments and also to perform routine medical checks that may help identify treatable conditions such as high blood pressure or asthma. 

The team are also able to administer medication for long-term illnesses, to provide support for conditions such as HIV/AIDS and to deliver preventative medicine, for example, children's vaccination programmes and healthcare advice.

Over the years the clinics have proved vital to the well-being of many communities in our area of Tamil Nadu.

Your generosity saves lives, provides the right care to those who need it and saves struggling families from overwhelming medical debt.

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