Reaching the Unreached is a far-reaching grassroots organisation that has already achieved an enormous amount in empowering the most marginalised and disadvantaged people from the lowest castes in rural South India.

Focusing on children, they support them and their families within local communities where possible. If this fails, their four Children’s Villages act as a safety net, providing care in a community setting with a foster mother, brothers and sisters. They also build houses and drill wells, provide healthcare and education, and support rural enterprises run by women.

I've been lucky enough to visit India several times in the past 15 years and this is one project that has really stood out. It has a lovely calm happy atmosphere and has achieved so much. It may be being a bit ambitious, but by the time of Nigel and my Golden Wedding celebration in August 2024, I would like to have raised enough to enable RTU to build a house for a family in which to raise their children! (currently £986)

Thank you for your help!

Barbara Baldwin