We run a transparent, accountable and effective organisation and work hard to minimise costs within the UK, ensuring that your donation will be used to transform the lives of the children and families who need it most. 

Supporting children and families

Since 1974, Reaching the Unreached has been working with the most disadvantaged children and families from our base in the small village of G.Kallupatti in Tamil Nadu state. Through our wide-ranging programmes, we are able to maximise the impact of every donation to deliver lasting change to both individuals and communities. Our proactive approach includes:

  • Loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children at our Children's Villages, with a high quality education at our schools and balwadies (pre-schools) and nutritious food from our kitchens;
  • Consultations, treatment and immunisation via our Pushparani Clinic, alongside awareness raising within communities;
  • Safe, secure accommodation through our house-building programme, as well as easy access to clean water from the new bore wells we drill.

Where is the money spent?

Around 87% of funds go towards our programmes in India.

The balance (13%) is spent on administration, fundraising, governance and keeping our supporters informed about our activities. This is vital to ensure the efficiency, success and impact of our work, enabling us to reach more people in need and assure the future of our programmes.

Every number tells a story

We believe that everyone who contributes to our projects at Reaching the Unreached should be proud of how many individuals' and families' lives we have touched and a summary of some of our successes is shown below. But within these statistics, every number represents the life of a unique person whose future has been transformed – not to mention the positive impact on their family and community.

832 2,000 8,900
children cared for in our Children's Villages in 2017/18 members of our all-female self-help groups, from 29 different villages new houses built since Reaching the Unreached was founded

We also educated 1,221 children through our schools and evening study centres last year, and have drilled 2,500 bore wells to date.

No fewer than 37,000 consultations took place in our medical clinics in 2018/19, while we directly supported more than 100 children from families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Due diligence and safeguarding

The UK trustees have a close relationship with our partners in India and, while formal policies and procedures are in place for grant-making, approval and reporting, regular visits by trustees ensure that these are being applied and work in practice. Regular budget and management reports are received and reviewed, and safeguarding and related policies are of high priority in discussions with our partners. 

The more we raise, the more we can do

Together, we are already doing so much for so many. Every house we build, every child we care for and every woman we train and support to run her own business directly transforms lives and communities.

Every pound we raise together helps us to provide more of the poorest families with the basic needs, opportunities and support they deserve, enabling them to grow, thrive and escape the cycle of poverty.

Our supporters donate to Reaching the Unreached because they like knowing the difference they are making and the close contact they have with the work on the ground. They know that we strive to keep admin costs to a minimum and enjoy being part of the wider RTU family. 

Join Reaching the Unreached in supporting those most in need.

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