Poverty in modern India: life on the edge

Lacking basics such as housing, water and sanitation, a huge number of families in rural villages in South India face a daily challenge just to survive.

In spite of recent economic growth, 30% of the population in India still survives on less than $1.90 a day, and half of India’s children live below the poverty line. Among people belonging to the lowest (scheduled) castes, less than 10% have salaried employment, and the majority rely on seasonal or irregular labour to support themselves and their families.

As our founder James Kimpton recognised all too well, life in these communities is precarious: malnutrition is common and many children have no-one to care for them. Education is an unaffordable luxury, and events such as injury or illness can push an entire family into destitution. 

Reaching the Unreached exists solely for the benefit of the most disadvantaged children and their families in South India. Our wish is to serve them with humility, providing practical help and support to those who are most vulnerable.

Our mission is to care for the felt basic needs and priorities of the most vulnerable people, especially women and children. 

Caring for vulnerable children, providing them with an education and giving families the support and means to lift themselves out of poverty is fundamental to our vision, work and beliefs.

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