Around 140,000 children under the age of five die every year in India due to illnesses picked up via contaminated water supplies. The Tamil Nadu region is heavily dependent on two monsoon rains every year in order to maintain a regular water supply, but when they fail, drought conditions can quickly spread with devastating consequences.

Families mainly women  often have to walk distances of around 2km to carry water to and from their homes on a daily basis. Some primary school pupils may have to help their families collect fresh water, which means they cannot attend school regularly. The long-term effect on their education is huge.

A few years ago, 350 families living in the Indira colony, a remote village in Tamil Nadu, had no easy access to drinking water. Around 1,600 children and adults had to pay three Rupees for one plastic water pot brought by a lorry twice a week – while the poorest had to walk 2km to collect dirty water from a canal. In 2016, thanks to your support, we managed to sink a bore well near the canal and lay a pipeline to the village.

What we do

For almost 40 years, our well-drilling programme has been bringing regular fresh water supplies to thousands of people living in rural communities.

Together, we can ensure more rural communities in South India get regular access to clean, safe water.

Help us build more bore wells and improve the health and wellbeing of more of the poorest families

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