I have been involved in the work of RTU for many years, and visited India several times with Peter, including a month-long programme to help improve the spoken English skills of their school leavers. Focusing on children, RTU supports them and their families within their local communities where possible. If this fails, their four Children’s Villages act as a safety net, providing care in a community setting with a foster mother, brothers and sisters. Children admitted have often lost one or both parents to diseases such as TB or HIV, to accidents, alcoholism, suicide or domestic violence.

Last year, they cared for 954 children in the Children's Villages and hostels. That's not to mention the 1,868 children educated through their schools, balwadies (pre-schools) and evening study centres, or the 2,465 bore wells they have drilled to date. They have 2,300 women members of self-help groups and have built over 9,000 rural villages houses to date.

Within these statistics, every number represents the life of a unique person whose future has been transformed – not to mention the positive impact on their family and community. 

For my birthday, I want to raise enough funds to build a new home for a vulnerable family.  Please do help support this valuable work.


Isobel Hindle