I first visited Brother James in the early days of RTU in 1983 and have followed his work ever since. Our parish at Douai Abbey adopted RTU as our charity for three years and raised over £80,000 to build them a 3-floor Boys' hostel.  I was fortunate to visit again when I went with a group from our parish to stay at RTU in March 2020 and we opened the new hostel.  I was amazed by how much had been developed in those years to enable the most disadvantaged people from the lowest castes to live with dignity and in safety and the means to lead independent lives. 

Focusing on children, RTU supports them and their families within local communities where possible. If this fails, their four Children’s Villages act as a safety net, providing care in a community setting with a foster mother, brothers and sisters. Children admitted have often lost one or both parents to diseases such as TB or HIV, to accidents, alcoholism, suicide or domestic violence. 

We would like to build a village house for a homeless family to mark our 2022 celebration. Please give RTU your support if you can. Thank you!

Peter Bowe