Our former teacher, Brother Lionel, founded Reaching the Unreached in South India in 1974 in response to the desperate poverty he found in rural villages. Also known as Brother James, he named the first primary school he built for orphaned and abandoned children after our St Peter's and later built a secondary school also called St Peter's in 2007. The schools at Reaching the Unreached enable the most impoverished children in remote rural villages to achieve excellent results in the Government exams and gain access to college courses.

Reaching the Unreached provides all the children with free school uniforms, free books and free, nutritious school lunches. The lunches provided are often the only meal that the children will eat all day. Our Sponsored Walk is raising money to help Reaching the Unreached provide the basics the children need to do well at school. 

Please help us! Thank you!

Mo Houlden