Having a compromised immune system due to my radiotherapy treatment for cancer means I am one of the many people who have been advised to observe strict isolation. The only time I am outside is in our communal gardens and so I am going to walk 8km a day there for the ten weeks I have left in isolation which should get me as far as Hadrian's Wall.

I was taught by Brother James Kimpton (also known as Brother Lionel), founder of RTU, when he was a teacher at St Peter's School in Bournemouth and have been raising money along with many past and current pupils since he went out to Sri Lanka and then India in 1952.

I have been to RTU many times with my own family and have seen for myself the outstanding and compassionate work carried out to give the most vulnerable children and destitute families the means to lead their lives with dignity and give them a route out of poverty. I know just how hard these people will suffer from this terrible virus.

RTU are doing a tremendous job during the lockdown in India supporting starving families who now cannot work with money and food parcels, raising awareness about prevention, providing medical care and housing migrant families.

I am delighted that my step-daughter, Kirsty Collins, is also joining me to raise money for RTU. Please help me by sponsoring me to help RTU deal with the consequences of this pandemic.

John Duffy