Give a child a day to remember


The children living in our care in our Children’s Villages come from the most disadvantaged lowest caste families, having lost one or both parents due to illness, accident or suicide. Many have not had carefree or happy childhoods and often arrive traumatised. As well as the care and love they receive from our foster mothers and the support of our counsellors, RTU ensures that they enjoy being children again. We take them out on trips and visits, and celebrate many festivals, national holiday Read more

Give a gift to a child in India


Children living in poverty in India seldom receive presents at Diwali, for Christmas or on their birthdays. RTU buys gifts for as many children as possible to help them celebrate a festival or to mark a special day. All our virtual gifts come with a special card for you to personalise for the recipient, or we can personalise it for you. Please click on the picture for more information about what this gift could help to buy. Read more