We reach out to those who are most disadvantaged. Every day we see children and families suffering the most appalling poverty and destitution. Children who have been orphaned or abandoned are brought to us almost on a daily basis, having suffered such hardship in their young lives. Many are orphaned, having lost their parents due to AIDS. Whatever you can give will be put to immediate use to transform the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children, families and communities in the most impoverished areas of South India, where ever the need is greatest.

"I am 16 years old and in my last year at RTU's St Peter's Higher Secondary School. I came to live in the Children's Villages when I was 10 and my little brother was 8 as my mother abandoned our family due to my father's drinking. Our grandmother took care of us for a while until my father died in an accident but then she had no income and so couldn't afford to feed us. She also had health problems herself. Now I am studying well and love doing sport and traditional dance. My future aim is to become a nurse and serve society."

On behalf of the children and all our beneficiaries in remote, rural villages, our heartfelt thanks.

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