Every child deserves the opportunity to grow, live and thrive in the comfort and security of a loving family. With your support, we can help even more of the children most in need in the poorest rural communities in South India.

Sponsor a child and you will be transforming the life of an individual like Muniyandi and Santoshkumar, whose mother died and whose penniless father, like them HIV+, was unable to support them.

Instead of facing an uncertain future, the child you sponsor will be able to build a new life full of hope in a caring foster home or our hostels for teenagers within our Children's Villages.

What does my sponsorship provide?

For just £20 a month you will be covering the cost of food and other essentials for one child – and providing them with all the physical, emotional and mental benefits of being in a secure home and community. By giving more, however, you will also be supporting the running costs of the schools they attend, securing the education they deserve.

You won't just be supporting a child with your gift. Your sponsorship will create opportunities for the child you support to gain education, confidence and skills that will enable him or her to have a very real impact on their community in the future. 

Can I choose which child to sponsor?

Everyone who is kind enough to become a sponsor is allocated a different child, whose progress they are encouraged to follow as they grow up.

Our staff in India will choose a child for you to sponsor. You can tell us if you have a particular preference for sponsoring a boy or a girl or a child in a particular age range (up to 18) and we will do our best to match you with a child accordingly. You can indicate any gender or age preferences in the comments box on the sponsorship form.

You will be sent a photograph of the child you are sponsoring, as well as a case history. Every year before Christmas we will send you a new photo and a report, so you can see the direct impact of your generous sponsorship. You are more than welcome to write and send birthday cards to your sponsor child and will almost certainly receive a reply.

If you prefer, you can sponsor a young adult student and help RTU to fund their further education as they work to gain a professional or academic qualification when they move out of our Children's Villages.  You can find more information about sponsoring a student.

On behalf of the children whose lives you are transforming, thank you. Your generosity is immeasurable.

"I am Malani from Devadanapatti Village of Theni District. I have two young sisters named Manjula and Meenakshi. We are well taken care of in RTU. We never feel that we are parentless children. We have a loving father [as they call RTU Director, Father Antony], an affectionate foster mother and loving brothers and sisters here. The Children’s Village is our real home."

Sponsor a child

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