Sponsor a student through college or professional course and you will be transforming the life of an individual like Vinitha, who came to us when she was 12 with her brother after her father died of HIV/AIDS. The student you sponsor will be able to gain a qualification and lead an independent life as they graduate and build a life away from our family care system.

What does my sponsorship provide?

For just £40 a month you will cover the cost of course fees, living expenses and personal expenses such as medical care and travel. You will not only be supporting a young person with your generosity. Your sponsorship will create opportunities for the student you sponsor to gain the education, confidence and skills to enable him or her to have a very real impact on their community.  

Can I choose which student to sponsor?

You can choose to sponsor a young man or women as they move out of our Children's Villages and hostels to enter college, where we sponsor all their costs to continue their education and gain a professional or academic qualification. If you have a preference for a particular gender, please mention this in the comments box.

You will be sent a photograph of the student you are sponsoring, as well as a case history. Every year before Christmas we will send you a new photo and a report, so you can see the direct impact of your generous sponsorship. And you are more than welcome to write and send birthday cards and will almost certainly receive a reply.

On behalf of the students whose lives you are transforming, thank you. Your generosity is immeasurable.

Sponsor a student

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