On 20th April, we opened our newest hostel for boys.  Named Henry Hostel (after lifelong friends of RTU, Margaret and Martin Henry), the hostel will be home to around 50 boys aged 14 and 15, under the loving care of a warden.  The hostels we run are an important part of our family care programme.  When the children in our care become teenagers, they move from the small family homes with their foster mothers in our Children's Villages to the hostels where they gain more independence and learn important life skills.  The hostels are located in or near our Children's Villages and we now have eight hostels - five for girls and now three for boys. 

Traditionally, we had more abandoned girls and rescued many babies from female infanticide. Now, however, we have more or less equal numbers of orhpaned and destitute girls and boys in our Children's Villages so this new hostel was desperately needed to provide a home for our teenage boys.

We are urgently seeking to raise funds for a further two boys' hostels where our boys can grow and thrive.

Help us build a hostel