Please donate your stamps to Reaching the Unreached and help us transform the lives of the most disadvantaged people, particularly women and children, living in rural villages in South India.

Whether your stamps are British or overseas, new or used, send them to us and we’ll turn your old postage stamps into funds to support RTU. Do contact us if you’d like a small poster to put on a box to put out at church or in your workplace.

Stamps are sold by weight. We receive £15 per kilo. Special stamps are valued separately.

Before sending your stamps

Please carefully cut away any excess paper, leaving approximately 1cm around the stamp when cutting off the envelope, avoiding any damage to the stamp itself and place in an envelope before posting.

Where to send your stamps

Collected stamps should be sent to:

RTU, 16 Glasshouse Studios, Fryern Court Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 1QX

Don’t forget to put the right amount of postage on the envelope so that we don’t have to pay charges.


How is the money raised from recycling stamps?

All donated stamps are sorted and graded, then separated into different categories; commemoratives, definitive and foreign to be sold to collectors.

How much money is raised through recycling stamps?

RTU receives £20 per kilo. Special stamps are valued separately.

Can I receive a thank you for sending in stamps?

Yes, of course! Send your address with the stamps and we will send you an acknowledgement

Can I donate my first day covers, collections or albums?

Yes, we can accept donations of first day covers, collections and albums. We send these to a local specialist who provides a valuation.