Since 1980, Reaching the Unreached has provided 2,500 wells to marginalised rural villages. These new wells have given clean, safe water to hundreds of thousands of communities, leading to vastly improved health and fewer children missing school due to illness.

There remains, however, a desperate demand for water across the whole area where Reaching the Unreached is constantly working to improve the standard of life for those we are trying to help. We receive regular applications from villages and schools in rural areas asking for our help. 

We have done so much since 1980 but there is still so much more to do.

Help us provide clean, safe water

You can help by making a donation to a future well. A complete water supply costs about £2,000. That includes the cost of paying for the drilling rig through to providing a large water tank complete with pumps and taps.

By donating to our well-drilling programme, you will be helping to transform the quality of life of thousands of rural people. And no more will women and children be faced with gruelling walks every single day just to fetch and carry what we are lucky enough to take for granted. Thank you.

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