Our programmes help to support and empower the poorest and most disadvantaged children and families in rural South India.

In our Children's Villages, we provide a loving home for orphans and other vulnerable children, some living with long-term health conditions such as HIV, giving them the care they need, educational opportunities and the chance of a future full of hope.

The resources we provide for our children are also extended to the local communities through our local schools and our healthcare outreach programme.

Most of the students in our schools gain state qualifications and go on to study in further education, eventually securing employment in professions such as nursing and engineering.

Our well-drilling programmes bring plentiful, safe water supplies to remote communities, helping to prevent disease and enabling children to attend school instead of helping adults to collect water from other villages some distance away or, worse, from filthy streams and pools.

We also build durable houses, built with strong materials, to replace the flimsy shacks so many families are forced to call home. Our houses are weather-proof and well designed, with the features rural dwellers want and need: a shady veranda, a living room and cooking area, and a toilet/washing area. All the doors, door frames, the window and the roof are built of materials designed to keep out insects.

We also help local women set up self-help groups and provide them with training in skills such as tailoring, so that they can find regular work to support their families. These activities also help build confidence so that, in time, these women can help their communities become more self-reliant.

We give practical support to the poorest people in remote villages every day, but they need us now more than ever as during this coronavirus pandemic and the second wave in India.

Please read our latest update to learn more about how we are protecting the vulnerable children in our care, supporting our rural communities and planning for the weeks and months that lie ahead.

Whatever you can give will be put to immediate use at this time of unprecedented crisis, to help protect vulnerable and disadvantaged children, families and communities in the most impoverished areas of South India.

On behalf of the children and all our beneficiaries in remote, rural villages, our heartfelt thanks in these uncertain times.

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