For 25 years, the community in the remote village of Sangareddy Kottai village in Nilakottai Taluk had to walk to another village with a large water tank to collect clean water for their school. Often the amount of water they managed to bring was insufficient; very young children joined in to help collect as much as possible, even though they were only able to carry small quantities, in pots. 

In 2016, things looked up when the village panchiat (council) drilled a bore well at the school. More time was freed up for classes and activities because the schoolchildren no longer had to fetch water, and more children began to attend school regularly.

However, after only three short months the well dried up. Once again the lack of water made it very difficult for teachers to run the school and many children stopped attending.

'Divining' help from Reaching the Unreached 

An appeal for assistance with a new well from the Government was unsuccessful, so the school approached RTU.

With the help of our colleague Mr Amaladoss, we divined the water source on the school campus and drilled a well over 550 feet deep. Plentiful, clean water had been found for the school to use.

With the help of a group of supporters from Wales, RTU installed an electric pump to draw the water from the new well together with a pipeline to connect the supply to a storage tank, permanently securing the school's 'Welsh water' supply.

Our supporters' generosity in Sangareddy Kottai village not only enabled us to provide much-needed water supplies for the school, it also helped to ensure the village children attend school regularly, building strong foundations for their future education and prospects.

Help us provide clean, plentiful water