Many of our projects provide the basic foundations that disadvantaged communities need in order to survive. Once these are in place, individuals are able to focus on improving their own lives and those of their families – boosted by the programmes we run to provide necessary skills, awareness and funding.

Our supporters choose to give to Reaching the Unreached not only because they trust us to deliver help and support wherever the need is greatest, but also because they understand the importance of our long-term presence to local communities in our area of South India. The results of our work are highly tangible and our impact is significant and we encourage our supporters to visit India to see first hand the impact their generosity has made. 

Just as a high proportion of our supporters have remained loyal to us for many years, often decades, many of our staff have been beneficiaries of our work, growing up in our Children's Villages or being educated at our schools. They have direct insight into the effectiveness of our work and the positive outcomes and hope it brings to families and communities.

The commitment of supporters and staff alike is an enduring testament to those who have worked so hard to make Reaching the Unreached the organisation we see today.

Reading some of the stories of people we have helped will bring our work to life.

Please help us continue to deliver our programmes and create real and lasting change.

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