For the young people in our 10th, 11th, and 12th standard classes, doing well in the Government exams is key to deciding their futures and all studied extremely hard throughout the busy exam season in March. 

We are delighted to announce excellent results again this year in RTU's schools with almost 100% pass rates - we are so proud of them. 

The 10th standard results, which the young people sit when they are 15, were published on 23rd May and of the 62 students who sat these exams 61 of them passed, with two students (pictured below) scoring 448 out of 500.  Nearly a third of them achieved over 80% pass rates.

The 11th standard results (11th standard is the first year of our Higher Secondary School) were published on 30th May and all the students passed.  The highest result was Lavanya's who scored 527 marks out of 600 and was the school topper in her 10th standard exams last year.  This is the first year that students had to sit these 11th standard exams. 


The 12th standard exams were published on 16th May and all 49 students passed.  In total four students scored over 80% which gives them the opportunity of going for coveted Government courses at the best institutions. We have since been busy securing college places for all our students who will now leave our schools to go on to tertiary education.  We will support them throughout their college years until they qualify and are able to find a job.  We are so proud of them as many have been in our care since they were small children. 

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