Children from the poorest families in South India can struggle to access even a basic education. Reaching the Unreached provides not just the schooling every child deserves, but also the opportunity for these young people to continue their studies at college or through professional courses.

After Vinitha’s father died, she and her brother – HIV+ like both their parents – came to be part of the HIV+ family in Reaching the Unreached’s Children’s Village in Kallupatti. After excelling in exams at RTU schools, Vinitha applied for a nursing course, passing with flying colours and ranking seventh in Tamil Nadu. Now in her first year, Vinitha is working as hard as ever as we pray her ailing mother lives long enough to see her qualify as a nurse.

By setting up and funding these opportunities, the teenagers in our care are able to gain the skills and qualifications they need to live a full, independent life. This benefits everyone, as these confident adults return equipped to support their communities and help others to break the cycle of poverty.

Opening closed doors

Reaching the Unreached students who do well in final school exams have the opportunity to study at state-run colleges where tuition fees are low. Others attend private colleges where fees are higher and continue to rise, but we believe no student should miss out on these opportunities due to lack of funding.

There are currently more than 150 students studying professional courses in various colleges in Tamil Nadu. As costs rise and the number of students hoping to move on to further education grows, together we can ensure every young person we support can take up this life-changing opportunity.

Reaching beyond those in our care

Our belief in the importance of helping young people from the poorest families fulfil their potential extends beyond our Children’s Villages and schools. Through our JK Scholarship Fund, we are also able to fund talented students from local villages to continue the technical and professional training that they would otherwise be unable to afford.

Many of the young adults we support train to be teachers and nurses, meaning the funds we raise make a difference not just to the individual, but also to their communities and beyond.

Enable young people from the poorest families to fulfil their potential

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