Krishnan lost his mother in a road accident when he was six. 

After his mother’s death, his father found it difficult to take care of him while he was at work and sent him away to a charitable school in Dindigul.

Gradually, his father stopped visiting him and Krishnan became, in effect, an orphan, with no-one to protect his welfare or ensure his well-being.

In early 2020, the boarding school Krishnan attended was closed and, because he had no family, the authorities passed responsibility for this vulnerable boy to Dindigul District Child Welfare Committee.

The Committee members, knowing that RTU is active in the District, asked us to take Krishnan in and care for him in our Miriam Children’s Village.

When he arrived, Krishnan was extremely shy and wary and found it difficult to speak to his carers or to the other children. He was also suffering from severe anaemia.

Now settled at RTU, Krishnan is a happy, healthy, secure child. He has responded to the love and care we are able to give him, has made many firm friends among the other children who live in the Village and is doing well at school.

It has been our privilege to give Krishnan a ray of hope and a new lease of life.

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