Give a new house for a family

In the poorest rural communities in South India, many families live in makeshift huts on bare mud floors. At risk of fire, prone to vermin and easily damaged by monsoon rains, these crude homes put the lives, health and well-being of children and adults at risk – and when they need replacing, push many families into spiralling debt with local money-lenders.

RTU houses are strong, durable, weather-proof and well designed, with the features rural dwellers want and need: a shady veranda, a living room and cooking area, and a toilet/washing area. All the doors, door frames, windows and the roof are built with materials designed to keep out insects and will last for many years.

A solid, functional home will transform the lives of a poor family in South India.

You can choose to have a gift card sent to you to pass on, or you can have it delivered direct and we can personalise it for you. Just indicate your preference in the delivery instructions. 

When the house you have bought has been built, it will be named in honour of either the purchaser or the gift recipient (please specify the house name in the delivery instructions of the order form) and we will send you photos of the house with its name plaque in place.