Give the gift of healthcare

The poorest families in South India often struggle to stay healthy, adding to the challenges they already face. 

At our Pushparani Clinic, we provide healthcare to around 125 people a day and even more are reached via our mobile clinics.  We provide regular check-ups, medicines, physiotherapy, dental care and eye tests and pay for those who need additional care to be referred to larger hospitals in the region.

We also have a medical jeep for use in the wider community to spread awareness, carry out tests and distribute basic medicines, as well as dedicated healthcare programmes for supporting the elderly and disabled. 

We also fund and run a comprehensive immunisation programme to help limit the spread of the most common communicable diseases and protect children from them. 

You can choose to have the gift card delivered to you to pass on, or you can have it delivered direct to a friend and we can personalise it for you. Just indicate your preference in the delivery instructions.