Give a free healthcare appointment

In India, people have to pay for medical treatment and for people living in poverty it is difficult to find money to pay for appointments or to afford even the most basic treatment. RTU's medical services and support, many of which are free of charge, are very highly regarded in our local villages.

In line with our values, we respect all our patients equally, irrespective of caste or social status, and unlike some government healthcare facilities, our clinics provide appointments at times that allow patients to go to work afterwards, meaning daily workers don't have to miss out on a day's pay just to see a doctor.

Our doctors will sometimes visit patients at home when they are unable to come to our clinic and this gift will help pay for an appointment with one of our highly qualified healthcare professionals and also cover their travel expenses.

You can choose to have a gift card sent to you to pass on, or you can have it delivered direct to a friend and we can personalise it for you. Just indicate your preference in the delivery instructions.