Women in the poorest rural communities already have to be strong, often balancing work with domestic duties and looking after their families. The simple opportunity to learn a new skill, make a first small investment or have their voice heard can often be all they need to transform the future of their families and bring enormous benefits to the whole community.

Where your money goes

We support women through a number of initiatives that focus on enabling them to take control of their own futures. These include:

  • Training women to be tailors
    These six-month courses enable women to explore new jobs at home or beyond, as well as to create their own businesses, training others and bringing benefits to the whole community
  • Setting up self-help groups in villages
    Members are able to support each other through loans and shared experiences, while taking an active part in leading the community and raising local standards
  • Running educational awareness events
    A great many rural women have no knowledge of the benefits, rights and support to which they are entitled. We make sure they have the knowledge they need to claim what they deserve

Help us to reach more women, empowering them to build better futures for their families and communities. Thank you.

Help give women a brighter future

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