The lack of economic opportunities in the rural villages of South India presents a huge barrier to families seeking to provide the very basics they need to survive. Where work is available it is often irregular, poorly paid and far from home.

"Since my husband’s earnings are not sufficient for us and our two children, we found it difficult to manage our family finances. I joined the Reaching the Unreached tailoring centre in June 2021 and within six months, our instructor taught me to sew handkerchiefs, blouses and shirts, sudidhars as well as many handicrafts. After completing the course, I made more handicrafts and sold them for Rs 10,000 in Madurai."Ananthi, tailor and entrepreneur, Devadhanapatti village.

Since 1997, Reaching the Unreached has been providing tailoring training to women like Naranthi from the most impoverished backgrounds. The skills they learn enable them to earn a living and secure a future for their families while setting up businesses that ensure the benefits of training reach far into their communities.

Broad reach

Our three mobile tailoring units deliver six-month courses twice a year, bringing the training to different villages. More than 200 women attend the courses, which are officially accredited, each year. 

Following practical and written state exams, those who pass are awarded certificates that enable them to take up paid work. Some work from home and, like Ananthi, train others prior to setting themselves up in business.

Our tailoring training gives women the skills they need to provide a secure future for their families and enable others in the community to thrive.

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