When we write our Wills, our first priority is to remember those closest to us, but even just a tiny fraction of what you leave could make a real difference to future generations of orphaned children and struggling families in South India. 

There are many different ways you can remember Reaching the Unreached in your Will. Whether you decide to bequeath a fixed amount or a share of your estate, your gift will help us to continue to support children, families and communities in the years to come.

Women like Muthulakshmi, whose life was transformed by the new house we were able to build for her and her children. Muthulakshmi's husband died and she was left to support her children alone. Her daughter Ilakkia has learning difficulties and soon Muthulakshmi was struggling to pay for her medical expenses. 

During the rainy season, disaster struck. The makeshift hut on the small piece of land Muthulakshmi and her husband had saved so hard for was damaged beyond repair. With our help, as part of the house-building programme Muthulakshmi and her children now have a safe, secure new home.

“I could not afford to repair it or build a new house with my low income, so I approached Reaching the Unreached to help us. They visited our house and noticed our sufferings and now I live happily with my daughter and son in our new house.”

Our hope is that, with the generosity and kindness of people like you, future generations of children and families in need will be supported out of poverty and live lives free from debt.

If you would like to know more about leaving a gift to Reaching the Unreached in your Will, please contact Mo Houlden, or speak to your solicitor. We also have an information sheet.

If you have already remembered Reaching the Unreached in your Will or are planning to do so, we'd really like to know so we can thank you properly. It will also help us plan ahead with confidence.

"I have left a legacy to Reaching the Unreached in my Will because I know it will be put to such valuable use by a charity I trust whole-heartedly. I volunteered out there after leaving school when the first houses were being built. When I visited in December 2016, I found some of those very first houses in G.Kalupatti where RTU is based. They are still standing after over 40 years and still housing people. The amount of good ONE house can do is incredible." Paddy Hunter-Murphy

Thank you. By helping in this way, you can trust us to ensure that what you bequeath will be used where it is needed most.