“After living in a rented house for five years after our marriage, my husband Ramu and I purchased a small piece of land and built our own small hut there. This was home for 10 years, but when we found ourselves in a crisis we had to sell the land and move.”

Muthulakshmi and her family were facing a number of challenges. Ramu's alcoholism led to regular arguments at home, and eventually his death. Muthulakshmi was left to look after their two children, including her daughter Ilakkia, who has learning difficulties.

“After my husband’s death I could not support my family so I joined an NGO as a self-help group trainer in Batlagundu. Ilakkia has been receiving treatment in Leonard Hospital for the last five years and I spend a large part of my earning on her treatment.”

Disaster strikes

During the rainy season, their makeshift hut in Ayyampalam was damaged – a constant risk to the poorest families in South India. Muthulakshmi's hut could no longer serve as a home for her family.

“I could not afford to repair it or build a new house with my low income, so I approached Reaching the Unreached to help us. They visited our house and noticed our sufferings and now I live happily with my daughter and son in our new house.”

There are still many families like Muthulakshmi’s whose daily challenges are compounded by the difficulty of securing even the most basic home. Find out how house-building programme gives them the security they need.

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