As we come to the end of our academic year in our schools, we celebrate the 100% successes of all our students. In the 10th standard exams, Nagasathya scored the highest mark achieving over 90% and Lavana scored the highest 12th standard mark of 88%. We are now busy helping all the 12th standard students gain entry to the professional college courses of their choice. RTU covers all the course fees and living expenses until they graduate and can stand on their own two feet, and we are very proud, with your support, to invest in their futures. You can read more about how we help the children who have grown up with us.

Shanmugapriya's mother committed suicide. Her step-father did not accept her and her younger brother and so their maternal grandmother looked after them with many struggles for a few years. She met one of our alumni students, Mr Nallakannan, who is an advocate and he referred them to us. Seeing the poor family condition of the family, we admitted the two children in Miriam Children’s Village in 2010. 

Shanmugapriya had always struggled in her lessons but with our teachers’ support and her growth in confidence, she studied well and achieved the pass mark. This is a great achievement for her. Since she wanted to become a teacher, we helped her join a 2-year Special Education course at Trichy Spastics Society. After completing her course, she will find a job in a special school and she will be able to stand on her own. Then she will be able to take care her brother and her grandmother. Her brother Santhosh is studying 8th standard in our St Peter’s Higher Secondary School.

We held our schools' Annual Day function and the performances of the children were fantastic. We then broke up for the long summer holiday during the hottest month of May.

The children in our Children’s Villages who have relatives, returned to their native villages for their summer holidays. For other children who don’t have parents or relatives and stay in our care all year round, we organise a range of activities. A highlight in April was a 3-day tour to Pondicherry using our school bus where we held picnics and visited local sights. The foster mothers who care for the children also have a holiday - half of them visit their native places for two weeks and, when they return the other foster mothers have their holidays. They all look after each other's children. Our school year starts again on Monday 2nd June.

You can read our full e-news for April including our special English courses and the training our teachers have been doing.

We sincerely thank you all for being an inspiration to us to work here with your commitment to enable us to care for the children in our care. We always remain grateful for all your generous contributions. We are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of people like you who answer the call to give again and again. Thank you.

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