Regular health checks and easy access to medicine and treatment are the very minimum the residents of our Children's Villages deserve. Since 1974, our Pushparani Clinic has provided all these and a lot more to the impoverished families in the area who have found a home with us – as well as to those in the local communities.

"After spending all our earnings on medical care after my hands and legs were paralysed, with little improvement, my family suffered a lot due to poverty and I lost all hope. Then one day a friend told me about free physiotherapy at Reaching the Unreached's Pushparani Clinic. The physio taught me a few exercises, which I have been doing for the last two years. I feel a lot better, and now I am able to walk again." Ravi, 54-year old shopkeeper, husband and father

Since the clinic opened on our main base, our immunisation programmes have played a major part in eradicating polio and leprosy from the area. Meanwhile, the most disadvantaged families have been able to access medical treatment that would otherwise send them spiralling into debt with local moneylenders.

Free healthcare for all

The clinic treats around 125 patients every day, reaching 21,000 patients in 2022/23. Services include regular check-ups, an on-site clinical lab for testing, dental and eye checks, physiotherapy, ante- and post-natal care and treatment for infectious diseases including tuberculosis. Patients with more serious illnesses are referred to local or larger hospitals at our expense.

"I worked as a daily wage labourer in the fields and loading lorries, until I started suffering arthritis and could only walk with a stick. I couldn’t work and ended up living on the roadside. Reaching the Unreached started giving me financial support in 2014, enabling me to buy food items and go to the hospital for treatment. I am also getting free treatment for my arthritis in the Pushparani Clinic. When I come to Reaching the Unreached, it feels like my home." Pandi, arthritis sufferer

Your generosity saves lives, provides the right care to those who need it and saves struggling families from overwhelming medical debt.

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