Our Children's Villages are home to more than 77 children from families affected by AIDS – and 25 of them are HIV+ themselves. A diagnosis of AIDS can still carry a heavy stigma in rural communities in South India, leading to social isolation and even homelessness for families whose breadwinners are already struggling to work because of their illness.

Saranya and her husband kept their diagnosis of AIDS from his husband's family. When he died and they found out, they blamed Saranya, throwing her and her three children out of their home and denying access to the land that was rightfully theirs. Just as she was ready to end it all, she came across Reaching the Unreached, who supported the family financially as well as with counselling and through advocating to get back the land – where we built a new home for them. (Read more)

We were able to reach Saranya just in time, but there are still so many unreached families facing poverty and rejection as well as the medical challenges that an HIV+ diagnosis brings.

Help across the community

In addition to their ART (antiretroviral therapy) treatment and several visits a month from an HIV consultant, children with AIDS in our Villages have the care and support of specially trained foster mothers in their homes. They also have the opportunity alongside other HIV+ children from local villages and other NGOs to attend Camp Rainbow, a fun-filled residential programme where they build friendships, learn how to stay healthy and restore their hope.

For families in local villages affected by AIDS, our home support programme provides more than 50 HIV+ parents with monthly funds to enable them to continue to care for their children. Village health workers promote awareness alongside our outreach staff through meetings, street theatre and film shows.

Jeevan Jyothi Hospice

We refer the most sick individuals to Jeevan Jyothi Hospice, a place of compassion, care and tranquillity funded in part by us. Situated 36km from our main base, the 30-bed hospice provides inpatient treatment and palliative care, as well as an outreach programme for people with HIV/AIDS.

"Jeevan Jyothi is a place where an HIV+ person bounces back to life and health. One of the patients told me: 'The hospice is a home away from home for a person like me with HIV.'  They are treated kindly and with human dignity. Not just medicines but a holistic diet, prayer, yoga, counselling, recreations and a peaceful and quite environment. Above all they are given their due importance." Fr S Dennis

Together we are able to give people with AIDS the support, treatment and wellbeing they need, whatever the stage of their illness.

We provide comprehensive, compassionate support for the families in our Children's Villages affected by AIDS, as well as many in local villages. But there are still many more we will only be able to reach with your support.

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