Rural villages in South India are not well equipped to provide the additional support people with disabilities and their families need. For those whose lives are made even more challenging by any sort of disability, we partner with RUADT (Rural Area Development Trust), a social service organisation we help fund.

What does RUADT do?

Since RUADT's foundation in 1991, we have been supporting the organisation to run a number of programmes for people in local communities with disabilities and their families. Their main goals include:

  • providing support and services such as day care centres and community based rehabilitation programmes
  • ensuring the particular educational needs of children with disabilities are met
  • identifying suitable job opportunities and assisting people with disabilities to access them
  • promoting awareness and improving the negative attitude of people towards disabilities and those who have them


Working with RUADT, we help reduce stigma, provide more services and open doors to people with disabilities from the poorest families in South India.

Together we can make sure nobody misses out on support when they need it most.

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