Reaching the Unreached gives financial support to around 130 destitute elderly people in various rural villages who have no family to support them. Many are chronically ill with TB or are cured leprosy patients, facing social isolation in addition to their medical issues and lack of the basic means to survive.

Our mobile health clinics help to support this vulnerable group, some living in their communities as best they can, or in care homes where we carry out regular visits to provide healthcare and support.

"My husband died four years ago, and my three children are married, settled in different villages with their children and unable to support me. There were many days when I went to bed without having eaten any food. During this time, I requested help from Reaching the Unreached, who have now been providing me with food and 250 rupees every week. Now I go to bed with a full stomach and a peaceful mind.” Vallie, 68-year old grandmother

We also provide food to a number of individuals like Vallie, direct from our kitchens, ensuring they get the daily meal they would otherwise struggle to find. Those living further away are given fortified flour.

We also supply a set of clothes to all the elderly people we help every year, before the Diwali festival. 

Feeding those who are hungry – and the young

Although we are able to provide vital nutrition to some of the poorest elderly people in the area, the main role of our kitchens is to supply meals to more than 2,500 people everyday including the children in our schools. Often, a school meal will be a child's main meal of the day. 

A healthy diet is vital for the young people in our care, as well as those we support outside our Children's Villages, including the elderly. Together we can ensure nobody misses out on the nutrition they need.

Together we can make sure nobody misses out on support when they need it most

Help us support the elderly