Between the outbreak of AIDS, the risks of dirty drinking water, a lack of funds to pay for treatment and much more, the poorest families in South India often struggle to stay healthy, compounding the challenges they already face. With your help, though, we are able to prevent more people from getting the most common illnesses, to provide treatment and care to those who are sick so they can live a full life, and to support those left destitute through bad health.

"After spending all our earnings on medical care after my hands and legs were paralysed, with little improvement, my family suffered a lot due to poverty and I lost all hope. Then one day a friend told me about free physiotherapy at Reaching the Unreached's Pushparani Clinic. The physio taught me a few exercises, which I have been doing for the last two years. I feel a lot better, and now I am able to walk again." Ravi, 54-year-old shopkeeper and father of two

How do we reach the unreached?

The healthcare provision your generosity enables stretches right across our Children's Villages and into the local communities in the area. We aim to ensure that no part of the community is left struggling due to health issues, through a variety of initiatives including:

  • Our own medical clinic
    The Pushparani clinic treats around 125 patients a day from our Children's Villages and beyond, providing regular check-ups, undertaking tests, medicines, physiotherapy, dental and eye checks and more. 
  • Specific HIV care and treatment
    A number of children from families affected by AIDS are given everything they need to live full, integrated lives, looked after by trained carers in our Children's Villages. We ensure HIV+ individuals get the treatment they need, we organise an annual Rainbow Camp for HIV+ children and we fund the care of the most sick at the Jeevan Jyothi Hospice.
  • Support for the elderly and people with disabilities
    We provide financial support, food and help to access government aid to destitute elderly people whose medical history (often of TB or leprosy) has left them struggling for basic needs and acceptance. Meanwhile, our partnership with RUADT ensures children with disabilities get all the support they need to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Your regular donation to our healthcare appeal will enable us to reach more of the poorest families in South India who face the additional struggles of illness or disability. Thank you.

Help us provide medical care

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