Reaching the Unreached - India

Our vision is a world free from poverty, where no child is left behind 

We take the welfare of all the children in our care, and who live in our local area, very seriously.

Our Children's Villages

Our four Children's Villages, the first of which was built in 1985, are located in Tamil Nadu. Anbu Illam (which means 'place of love') and Sirumalar ('little flower') are both in our home village of G.Kallupatti, while Miriam is a few miles away towards Batlagundu. Finally, Nirmala is located in the town of Bodinayakanur, around 50km away from G.Kallupatti.

The Villages provide a loving home environment and community for over 900 children in our area of South India, helping children who often arrive fearful and traumatised feel safe and secure. We believe in nurturing the whole child, looking after their practical and emotional needs alike, teaching them in our schools, ensuring they are well-fed and in good health, building their confidence and self-esteem and teaching them the life skills that will help them look forward to bright futures free from poverty and full of hope.

The children live in the Villages under the care of highly-trained 'foster mothers' in family houses of seven or eight children. The Villages are true communities where everyone gathers each evening to share the news of the day and to take part in non-denominational prayers. The families also celebrate seasonal festivals and other holidays together, while the children take part in cultural activities, including traditional drama and dance. 

At around the age of 13, the children move from their home Village into one of our single sex hostels for teenagers. Here they continue their education under the supervision of a house mother, preparing for their independent adult lives.

A few years later, still supported by RTU, most will go away to study at college or learn a trade, with the ultimate aim of secure employment and economic self-reliance.

Our children thrive as they grow in our care. Every one of them makes us proud as we watch them make their way in the world. Living lives free from poverty in ways they could never have imagined when they first came to live with us, they will always be able to consider RTU their home.

Children's health and welfare

In our Children's Villages and around our local area we provide healthcare and support to vulnerable children who are living with long-term illnesses such as HIV, or who have other health problems or disabilities. Our healthcare professionals ensure these children and young people always have access to the drugs and ongoing care they need to remain well and live fulfilling lives. 

Underage marriage and domestic abuse including child abuse are blights on our society. Our welfare staff aim to monitor the welfare of the children we see regularly to check they are living happily and safely - and to act swiftly if required.

One of the main ways we can check on children's well-being is to ensure they attend school. Education is the key to so many life chances for children who are being brought up in poverty and raising awareness of social issues is an important part of our rounded approach.

Regular school attendance helps us to look for changes in behaviour that could alert us to problems in the home, while the school environment is the ideal place to talk freely to children about difficult social issues, educating future generations to identify and confront these challenges with confidence.