Reaching the Unreached - India

Our vision is a world free from poverty, where no child is left behind 

In the poorest rural communities in our area, many families live in makeshift huts with bare mud floors. These dwellings are at risk of fire, prone to vermin infestations and easily damaged by monsoon rains, putting the lives of those who live in them, especially children, at risk.

When these insubstantial structures need replacing, families are often forced to turn to local money-lenders and risk becoming overwhelmed by their debts.

Our house-building scheme provides the families most in need with safe, secure homes. Our own cement production unit produces much of the basic material for the homes. Skilled builders are often assisted in some of the labouring tasks by the families themselves, helping them feel through their involvement that the house truly belongs to them.

The houses are strong, durable, weather-proof and well designed, with the practical features rural families want and need: a shady veranda, a living room and cooking area, and a toilet/washing area. All the doors, door frames, the window and the roof are built of materials designed to keep out insects.