Reaching the Unreached - India

Our vision is a world free from poverty, where no child is left behind 

We provide a comprehensive range of healthcare services around our area of Tamil Nadu.

Working out of our Pushparani Clinic, our mobile clinic team takes free medical care and vital medication to remote villages, providing a lifeline to many desperately poor people.

Our ambulance contains all the equipment and basic medication required to treat minor ailments and also to perform routine medical checks that may help identify treatable conditions such as high blood pressure or asthma.

Our commitment to this approach means we can also diagnose potentially serious illnesses such as TB before they take hold, acting quickly to treat individual cases and helping to prevent them from spreading.

Our Healthcare teams are also able to provide drugs and other support for conditions such as HIV/AIDS and other long-term illnesses.

As with our approach to diseases such as TB, we are committed to delivering preventative medicine. We run several children's vaccination programmes to help prevent the spread of common childhood diseases, we distribute nutritional supplements to poor families who struggle to eat well and we provide advice on self-care and staying well through various activities including our regular health camps.

We also have a dedicated physiotherapy centre for people recovering from injuries and illness, or are living with a disability. Regular physiotherapy helps to speed up recovery times and build confidence, encouraging patients to look forward to living fulfilling, independent lives.