Jothi and her husband Pandi used to earn an income from a textile factory to provide for themselves and their three children. When Pandi became ill, however, everything changed.

"My husband became very sick and I took him to the hospital for blood tests. There he was diagnosed with diabetes. Later his kidneys were affected, and last year he died."

Devastated by the loss of her husband and no longer able to earn an income while also looking after her children, Jothi found it very difficult to care for her three children.

A life-changing suggestion

"During this time, a friend told me about Reaching the Unreached's Home Support programme. I went to RTU with my children and since then they have been supporting my children's education."

Jothi is now able to earn a daily wage in the fields, knowing her children are getting the education they would otherwise miss out on.

"I feel supported and I hope that with the support of Reaching the Unreached my children will come up in life."

Our Home Support programme enables children from families like Jothi's attend school in the face of the challenges of extreme poverty.

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