We are very pleased to share some good news about how we are providing much-needed regular healthcare support to a group of elderly people living in our area. 

The Little Drops care home in Kanavaipatti had been struggling for some time to secure visits from local doctors. When the most recent, retired, doctor's visits dwindled from every 15 days to once a month, leaving the 19 residents of the home without regular medical support, the Chennai-based NGO running the home asked RTU for help.

Our mobile medical team responded promptly to their request, quickly establishing twice-weekly visits to the home every Monday and Friday.

The team carry out routine medical checks and attend to a variety of minor ailments, for example coughs and colds and the re-dressing of wounds.

They are also able to administer medication, some of it provided by the Government, to relieve pain and to treat long-term conditions such as diabetes, asthma and hypertension. Our physiotherapist also often joins the team on their visits.

Alongside practical care, advice and support is provided on how to stay well - and our staff always have time to talk to the residents and listen to their problems and concerns.