Seven year-old Rajapandi's life was one of hardship from the day he was born in Kombaipatti village.

His mother's husband-to-be ran away before their marriage, leaving her pregnant and, through no fault of her own, burdened with the shame of her situation. She was rejected by her community, with no-one to turn to.

Rajapandi was born with some disabilities and his mother, completely overwhelmed by the difficulties she faced,  soon fell ill and died.

Rajapandi's grandfather and uncles still bore some of the stigma of his mother's unfortunate circumstances and were in any case were too poor to care for him and cope with his additional health problems. 

Completely alone, Rajapandi therefore had no choice but to live on the streets.  Eventually, a local headmistress alerted RTU to his plight.

He joined our loving family and is now thriving, living safely and happily in our Miriam Children's Village and attending Arul Malar primary school.

Young Rajapandi’s future is assured thanks to supporters like you. 

Help us provide a safe future full of hope for children like Rajapandi