Thanks to the dedication of staff throughout her time at Reaching the Unreached schools and her own dedication and hard work, Silambaran achieved remarkable results in her public exams.

Silambaran's story

"I have just completed my high school studies at St Peter's Higher Secondary School, scoring 443/500 in the public examination. Everyone has been congratulating me for my excellent performance.

"I feel proud which I believe was a reward for my hard work and the input and encouragement from my dedicated teachers. But without the encouragement and support of my teachers and parents I would not have achieved this success.

"From my childhood my parents infused an interest in education into me. Even before I went to primary school they taught me to write Tamil alphabets and numbers. When I reached school-going age they wanted me to go to the best school available in our area for my education."

"I started my education in St Peter's primary school, run by RTU, under affectionate and considerate teachers."

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An agreeable way to study

"The environment of this school was conducive to study and the approach was very friendly. All the teachers were very affectionate. They allowed us to find an agreeable way of studying. Alongside the academic subjects, they taught us subjects such as the value of education, as well as life skills.

"They taught us about the value of time, too, and how to use it in a useful manner. This, to me, is the main reason for my high performance in the government exams."

"I thank my parents and teachers and the management of RTU for starting a school in our rural area with the aim of eliminating illiteracy from villages and to provide a quality education to the children of the rural areas."

"I wish my alma mater, St Peter's Higher Secondary School, every success and for it to keep its status as a 'model school'."

Our schools already enable many children from the poorest families in rural communities to gain the education they deserve. With your support, our schools and outreach programmes can transform the lives of even more disadvantaged children.

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