Rajeswari's mother died when she was four years old. Since then, her father has struggled to balance the uncertainty of his casual work with the educational needs of Rajeswari and her elder siblings.

Without the support of Reaching the Unreached, the children would need to contribute to the family's basic income and would miss out on the education they need.

“Reaching the Unreached has helped us a lot, especially in our studies.”

Getting the education they deserve

Rajeswari’s elder sister completed her education to the age of 18 in Reaching the Unreached schools, achieving high marks. Meanwhile, Reaching the Unreached pays the school fees of her elder brother, who is in his final year at St Aloysius Higher Secondary School in Rayanpatti.

Head shot of Aathila Banu with pigtails in red ribbonsRajeswari herself studies at Arul Malar Primary School in Genguvarpatti, where she is doing well following in the path of her siblings!

Without the generosity of our supporters, we would not be able to ensure Rajeswari and her siblings – and many like them – receive the education they need to develop and thrive.

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